COVID-19 is the worst global crisis since World War 2, according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. The continuing stresses, ensuing aftermath and enduring imprints of this crisis will be severe, profound and consequential. Yet, I foresee that COVID-19 is merely the opening act of this hyper-disruptive decade, when seismic geopolitical…

2010s will be remembered by historic events of unexpected and unprecedented nature on the international stage. The decade that just passed witnessed Arab Spring, Brexit, shock Presidential victory of Donald Trump, the initial establishment and unilateral cancellation of the Iranian Nuclear Deal, Trump-Kim Summits, the rise and fall of ISIS…

Charlie Ang — Everything 4.0 Futurist

Charlie Ang (CA4.0) is a Global Futurist + Keynote Speaker on the Collision of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Climate Emergency & Geopolitical Disorder

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